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For 1 or 2 single or double arm traps.
Solo Shooter Delay.
Singles, pairs or following pairs.
Intelligent, single trap operation.
Stuck Button Warning.
Programmable trap cycle times.
Wall bracket or floor stand as required.
Feature line deteted for testing
The most popular Claymate Controller caters for single and double arm traps but will not disadvantage the lone shooter because it will not throw following or simultaneous combinations that would put more than 2 targets in the air.
Four independent trap cycle timers allow for trouble free, competition grade, following pairs with no arguments over target timing from the shooters.

From its early beginnings in 1990 (appx) the Sporting Claymate remains the most popular Claymate Controller found at just about every shooting ground Powered By Claymate.

Two handset connectors (added for the US market) allow the same targets to be shot from 2 suitably spaced cages simply by using two handsets.

It is almost impossible to own a spare Sporting Claymate AND carry two spare traps as well. Why not just set these up on a station and use them?

Trap powered with guaranteed 2 core operation, the Sporting Claymate operates every UK manufactured trap and most others too, the exceptions being traps with 110 volts on the release cables (we can provide a box for that) or those traps with excessively sensitive (and unnecessarily complex) electronic release circuits. You know who you are!

If in doubt, ask. We can, however, provide a trap mounted box that converts electrically unsafe or overly sensitive release circuits to a safe 12 volts.

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